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The War on Hopelessness Lifestyle Brand

This site began simply as the home for our War on Hopelessness lifestyle brand, but is growing into the apparel hub for all the non-profit efforts we support.

No matter what you purchase, 100% of profits go to support our non-profit work.

Check out what we’re up to and get involved at

Our Founder’s Story

Chaplain TIG here… on March 25th, 2013, I Died.

Chaplain TIG circleI was gone for a bit under 7 minutes before a combat Marine cut his way to my heart and brought me back.

During my recovery, my family told me we lost a young friend to suicide. That news, mixed with my personal experience, started a blazing fire inside me. I knew I was alive to declare war on hopelessness.

More at, but the short of it is, that I know why I’m here. Every minute I can, I devote to our War on Hopelessness ( and supporting non-profit growth with our for-profit ventures (

Some say our mission to annihilate hopelessness is impossible. I’m gonna die trying.


I believe…

I believe I was created and designed with a purpose in mind… I Believe You Were Too.

At birth, we don’t pop out prepared for our mission. So it stands to reason that our paths in life will develop the needed skills and talents, through experiences, to be a success.

Experiences, whether good or bad, are lovingly placed in our path by our Creator. Recognition and acceptance of this simple idea can set us free to forgive, see purpose, and even find peace, joy, and excitement in life’s greatest hardships.

I believe you were created for a great purpose, and I absolutely know you have greatness inside you.

I also know that many giants often stand between us and our greatness.

Those giants have many first names… suicide, abuse, addiction, homelessness, mental illness, poverty… many names. But they all share a last name… hopelessness.

Together, let’s declare war on hopelessness and dare to dream for a better future.

Declare War on Hopelessness